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Principal's Message

Welcome to Lakeridge

Hello Lakeridge Community,

It is an honor to serve as Principal of Lakeridge Elementary and I am excited for what this year has in store for our community!

At Lakeridge each student brings to school their unique identities which include their strengths, values, lived experiences, and culture. We value each student as an individual and explore our community identities and assets, reflect on and appreciate diversity, and foster an inclusive environment in all areas of learning.

At Lakeridge we hold high expectations for our students, meet students wherever they are, and help students build skills for success at school and beyond! We utilize ongoing formative assessment, community collaboration, and innovation to help students grow and develop as independent learners. We believe that student discourse is an important part of the learning process and students learn strategies to engage in conversation with others in all subject areas and in all grade levels.

Social Emotional Learning is also a key component of our instructional program. Students require dedicated time and space to practice social skills that support independence, learning, and community building. Lakeridge is a BELONG Partners Demonstration School and utilizes the trauma informed educational practices of the BP framework to accomplish this goal. We work hard to build strong relationships with each student leading to powerful communities in the classroom and throughout the building.

Staff at Lakeridge Elementary are dedicated to an embedded professional learning model rooted in ongoing collaboration with teams, coaches, and administration. Our instruction is designed to position students positively and powerfully as sense-makers and knowledge-generators. Our staff understands that our language and actions either constructs or constrains opportunities for students to build meaningful, positive, and sustained relationships to learning. At Lakeridge we are committed to disrupting inequities and creating racially just and equitable classroom and school experiences for all students.

Lakeridge practices authentic family engagement and partners with families to support our students and our community. Through family nights, community resource events, and one-on-one connections we work to build genuine relationships with families to support students as learners. Lakeridge has many resources for families including access to our Family Resource Room. If your family needs support with anything, please reach out to our Engagement Specialist & Partnership Salitha Combs. She can be reached at 425-204-4136 or

At Lakeridge we believe in the power of our culturally-rich community and are committed to supporting students to achieve academic and personal excellence.


In partnership,

Principal Thompson

A Belong Partners Performing School
(Making connections that matter)
Growing Respectful, Responsible, Resourceful Students